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Efficacy and tolerability of the drug Altasil individual. Before use, read the instructions. If necessary, consult your Doctor.
All reviews posted on this site are real reviews of people who have previously taken or continue to take ALTASIL. In order to maintain confidentiality, all names are changed.



Hans, Germany

I am taking the drug for the third week. The movements there began right from the first day. The real improvement in potency has gone on the third day since the beginning of the intake and is still being held. At night and in the morning. And at the right moment everything is as it should be. I take 1 capsule twice a day.


Dieter, Austria

I'll tell you that this thing acts !!!!! These herbs work! An hour later, an upsurge of power went so powerful and self-confidence appeared. Well, I certainly took advantage of this and the scheduled meeting with the girl was top notch. Both of us were satisfied.


Sara, 35 years, Czech Republic

Hi Guys, I’ve found Altasil in boyfriends drawer. I knew he was using something as our sex life had suddenly got a really better!! I just want to say thank you for these pills. I adviced my boyfriend to order some more:)) Thank you!


No name

Good day ! Well what can I say ... Objectively, this drug acts. Yesterday yesterday everything went super) But I wanted it in the morning, but I could not. I accept from Friday evening. I took 5 capsules during these two days, but I feel how it works. There is a difference in sensations, it is true. I will continue to take. Thanks you!


Mike,  39 years, Netherlands

Age 39 years. I have been taking the drug during two months. Objectively, the symptoms in the form of the frequent urination and pain in the scrotum in the first two weeks went away. By potency, the improvement is clear. And as it is imperceptibly, everything was restored to me, gradually. Good drug! No side effects noticed any.

Thanks for your feedback. We thank the urologist for the correct recommendation.


Paul, 63 years, France

I am 63 years old. Ten days later, about the time I started taking the drug, my potency definitely improved, although even before that, in principle, it was not bad for me over the years. I have taken Altasil within 3 months. According to the instructions you can take it up to 6 months. I continue the treatment.

Thank you so much for your feedback. We are very pleased that Altasil was so effective in your case. Take with pleasure our drug according to the instructions. We recommend that you at least once a year should be examined by a urologist.


Oliver, Croatia

I bought it on the advice of a pharmacist. I asked the pharmacist what to buy for potency on a plant-based and at a reasonable price and so that the effect was. Have advised this drug. I was pleasantly surprised by the effect of its use. Thanks to the pharmacist!


Hugo, Spain

I have been looking for something like Altasil for a long time. It seems to have found. Herbal and acting drug! Personally, I am very pleased with the result. There is one pack for a month. The price imputed for such a decent product. I didn’t notice any side effects in contrast to the chemicals that I was used to play with.))


Werner, Germany

These capsules have real effect! Sensible tool. Thanks to the urologist who recommended them to me correctly. The price is normal and they work.


João, Portugal

I have been taking 2 capsules of Altasil per day during a month and I am very happy with everything. There were no failure after 1 month of administration and the body was working perfectly. And there is no need to take them before the intercourse. At any moment my bro works without problems during the days. 


Ryszard, 25 years, Poland

I am 25 years old . On advertising I’ve bought Altasil packaging. No particular problems with potency experienced. I really liked the effect of the drug. I took 1 capsule 2 times a day within 1 month. My penis became harder by the end of the first week. And now I am recovering faster for the second run. Great tool turned out !!! Bought two more packs to fix the effect.

Thanks for the positive feedback.


Marcin,  47 years, Poland

I’ve taken Altasil 1 month. He helped me with prostatitis and penis became definitely stronger, although I didn’t seem to be bothered by this question and I didn’t make any complaints about this topic to the doctor. Nice bonus. Thank you.




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