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Men's infertility

The male factor of infertility can be is found in about half of infertile couples. 7-8% of men have fertility problems throughout their lives. Examination of a man should carried out in each case of a fruitless marriage, because the detection of male pathology is easier to identify. Infertility is a symptom of many different pathological conditions affecting both the sexual and very often other systems of the body: endocrine, nervous, circulator and immune.


Infertility treatment

Infertility diagnoses when there is no pregnancy with regular sexual activity without contraception for one year. From four to 29% of the inhabitants of our planet face the problem of infertility. In Russia, the proportion of infertile marriages exceeds 15%.


There are infertility: primary and secondary.

Primary infertility is a condition when pregnancy never occurred. Secondary infertility when there are no repeated pregnancies. 

The term "infertility" is applicable to both men and women. In turn, there is the term Fertility. Fertility is the ability to cause pregnancy or conceive. 

There is also the term "subfertility". This term uses in a situation when there is no convincing evidence that pregnancy is not the fault of the man. The ability to become a father after some time or with another woman in this case cannot completely excluded.

  • Normally, in a young healthy couple, pregnancy in the first 3 months of sexual activity occurs with a probability of 75%.
  • In 90% of couples, pregnancy occurs within the first 12 months.
  • The situation changes with age. In women, the probability of pregnancy after 38 years sharply reduce.
  • In men, the probability of conceiving decreases smoothly after 40 years.


The dietary supplement Altasil can used for correction of male infertility as a mono preparation or in combination with the main treatment only after consulting a doctor. If the doctor did not prescribe otherwise, take Altasil one capsule two times a day within 3 to 6 months.

"Be fruitful and multiply."

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Food supplement Altasil

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