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Erectile dysfunction (impotence)

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is a disorder of sexual function and as because of it; men cannot maintain an erection of the penis for a time sufficient to prolong sexual intercourse in its full extent. Impotence is one of the sexual dysfunctions observed in men.

Male potency is the desire to carry out sexual intercourse. Regardless of the presence of ejaculation, the male potency consider normal if he wants sexual intercourse and is able to exercise it, as far as circumstances permit.

The reasons of the erectile disfunction.

Impotence has two causes:

  1. Physical impotence is the impossibility of the full erection for sexual intercourse, after or without sexual stimulation, if there is a desire to have this sexual intercourse. Physical impotence occurs because of organic diseases.
  2. Psychic impotence is a weak desire for sexual intercourse or their absolute impossibility in the connection of the psycho-emotional characteristics of a man's body. Mental impotence occurs against the background of a normal functional state of the body of a man and the absence of organic diseases.

Below we consider the ways of the impotence treatment, methods of self-help to eliminate the physical and mental causes of the erectile dysfunction;   the advice gives on how to act or what situations should avoid.

The treatment of the organic or physical impotence.

An important factor is age. In 40 years, the causes of impotence are 80% mental and only 20% are physical. By the age of 80, the picture changes: 80% are cases of physical impotence and only 20% are mental. All men should be aware that, whatever the cause, impotence can be cured in 95% of cases.

The most common cause of impotence is diabetes, so firstly it is necessary to exclude this disease as the main cause.

There are four main organic disorders that can lead to impotence:

  • Diabetes or its latent form.
  • Circulatory disorders leading to a decrease in arousal: aortic induration, hypertension, heart disease.
  • A disease of the nervous system that impedes the flow of stimulation signals from the brain or vertebral nerves. (This is a neurological disease).
  • Low testosterone blocking sexual desire. Hormonal disorders are one of the rarest causes of physical impotence.

The treatment of the mental impotence.

As stated above, "Weak desire for sexual intercourse or their complete unwillingness" is mental impotence, which sometimes called nonspecific.

The famous psychiatrist Sigmund Freud called impotence "the most frequent failure in a person's life." According to some reports, only in the United States from 15 to 20 million men suffer from impotence, that is, one in eight. At the time of Freud, almost all cases considered psychiatric impotence. Now we know it was misconception.

Cynics say,” The reason for the misjudgments was that the doctors did not know what impotence is and what kind of treatment for impotence is necessary.

At present, it believes, that in 70% of cases impotence is purely physical in nature, which means that treatment of organic diseases is necessary. Even minor ailments tend to affect the functions of other organs.

Impotence can be an important symptom of a serious illness. Impotence requires treatment! Mental impotence is associated with stress factors (sometimes at an unconscious level) that violate an erection.

Regardless of the nature of impotence - physical or mental - for a man, it is always a tragedy, which brings him much suffering.

Impotence can leave an imprint on all of his behavior, so sometimes it is difficult to identify the true cause of this sexual disorder. Since body and mind are inextricably linked, physical impotence causes mental stress, and vice versa.

In some men with impotence, an erection does happen, but it is very short, that is, it occurs, but not for long. In this case, the difference may seem insignificant, but from a psychological point of view, it has fundamental importance.

A man, who considers himself as impotent, can have the state of nervous tension and anxiety. If he looks at this problem differently and decides that it is just difficult not only for him to keep an erection, mental balance can return to him.


Therapy of male potency disorders. The advantages and disadvantages of various methods.

1. Inhibitors of PDE-5

Advantages: high efficiency, ease of use.
Disadvantages: Do not increase libido. There are systemic side effects from the application. Violation of color perception. Redness of the skin. Myalgia, possible heart rhythm disorders. There is a danger of developing heart attacks and strokes. FDA 5 inhibitors are not compatible with alcohol. Among other side effects: mental disorder (increased aggressiveness). Lethal outcome is possible (more than 1000 cases are registered). Contraindicated in patients receiving nitrates and patients with hypertension.

2. Vasoactive agents for intracavernous therapy of potency disorders (prostaglandin E1)

Benefits: High efficiency, rapid effect development, minor systemic side effects.
Disadvantages: Artificial erection. The need to make an injection into the penis before each sexual intercourse. Do not increase libido. Do not stimulate potency. Not recommended for patients with diabetes mellitus, since in the presence of microangiopathy there is a high probability of hemorrage with further development of fibrosis of the cavernous tissue of the penis.

3. Alprostadil intraurethral

Benefits: Effectively causes an erection. Minor systemic side effects.
Disadvantages: Artificial erection. Does not stimulate libido. Requires special training; causes itching in the urethra; condom use is required; efficacy is lower than with intracavernous administration; may cause traumatic injury to the urethra.

4. Homeopathic medicines (Impaza), a2-blockers (yohimbine), tonic preparations

Benefits: Virtually there are not any side effects.
Disadvantages: There is no effect of increasing potency and improving erection. In terms of effectiveness, they are similar to placebo.

5. Mechanical methods: vacuum devices, constrictor rings, use of rigid condoms

Advantages: The cheapest method; no systemic side effects.
Disadvantages: Artificial erection. Side effects may occur. Minor subcutaneous hemorrhage, edema, impaired ejaculation; the use of mechanical means is noticeable for the partner.

6. Surgical methods: reconstructive surgery on the vessels of the penis, phaloprosthetics

Benefits: High efficiency.
Disadvantages: Artificial erection. No libido stimulation. Postoperative wound infection and perforation of the prosthesis are possible. Intermittent priapism.

7. Psychotherapy

Effective if it is properly installed indications and it is carried out professionally.

8. Hormone replacement therapy

Benefits: Increases potency while reducing testosterone levels. Stimulates libido.
Disadvantages: Prolonged use leads to atrophy of its own sex glands.

9. Drugs improving male potency, stimulating the natural production of testosterone and improving microcirculation in the vessels of the genitals, of plant origin.

Benefits: Effectively stimulate libido. Effectively improves potency and strengthens erections. Improve reproductive function. There are no contraindications. Safe for the body, no side effects. Gently stimulate the secretion of its own gonads. The possibility of prolonged use.
Disadvantages: Only original products from proven manufacturers are effective. The high cost of original products. A large number of fakes on the market.
Impotence. Ways to increase potency. Prevention of low potency.


A few simple recommendations to increase potency.

1. The gifts of nature

Dark berries such as blackberries, blueberries, and elderberry have been proven to contain high levels of anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants that help preserve an erection. Nitric oxide triggers an erection mechanism. The amount of much-needed nitric oxide decreases with increasing levels of free radicals. And anthocyanins are able to bind them. Thus, nothing can interfere with the operation of nitric oxide.

Stop slacking yourself
You already know perfectly well about cancer, heart and lung problems that are triggered by nicotine. But an important factor is that in smokers the risk of impotence increases twice. But there is good news, if you quit smoking before the age of 30, then the health damage will be minimal, but the rest men have to think.

3. Become more sensitive

Everyone knows that stress has a terrible effect on all areas of our life. It stimulates the production of adrenaline, which narrows the blood vessels, which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of an erection. Therefore, experts advise more actively to express their emotions. Then the adrenaline collapses faster and the potency improves.

4.4Stop snoring
All tissues of our body need oxygen and the penis is no exception. But snoring deprives us of oxygen. Try to sleep on a hard surface without a pillow. All this will provide the best flow of gas, so important for us, that will contribute to an increase in potency.

5. Get plenty of dark chocolate
It is proved that the substances contained in chocolate, lead to the expansion of blood vessels and supports the health of the inner wall of blood vessels. All this has a positive effect on the occurrence and maintenance of erection and increases potency.

6.Control your weight
You need to calculate your body mass index. Make it simple enough. You need to divide your weight in kg by height in square meters. If your BMI exceeds 25, then the process of the production of female sex hormones has started in the body. All this leads to erectile dysfunction, impotence. And only a slight weight loss can normalize the situation and improve potency.

Studies show that acupuncture helps in the treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction. In this way, a balance is achieved in the work of different parts of the nervous system. 64% of men after a 6-week course of acupuncture completely say goodbye to erectile problems and improve their potency.

8.Strengthen intimate muscles
It is proved that 80% of men who constantly practice Kegel exercises to increase potency, restore normal function within 6 months. To perform them, it is necessary to strain the muscles of the perineum as if urinating. You can do it rhythmically, and you can hold the voltage for 10-20 seconds.

9. Open the first aid kit.

You must consult with your doctor about the effect of all taken drugs on your potency. Many drugs for lowering blood pressure, correcting cholesterol levels and others are very harmful and can reduce potency. It is necessary to agree on the compatibility of the products and clarify the side effects of their application.


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